SCUBA Instruction is evolving rapidly


Whether you are new to the SCUBA industry or working as an experienced PADI Professional, one thing is certain: You have noticed the evolution of SCUBA diving instruction is evolving rapidly.

From the evolution of how we teach/learn SCUBA, to advancements in equipment, there’s always something new to learn about.

Evolution of SCUBA Education

A father and daughter studying PADI e-leaner online.

With the release of the PADI e-Learner system, folks wanting to become SCUBA certified now can complete all their classroom studies in the comfort of their own home.

Now a days it is super easy to get started on your SCUBA certification. Just a click and another click of links to websites and just like that you are in a virtual SCUBA classroom.

Just click here to get started:

Evolving SCUBA virtual classrooms are also now downloadable for I-Pads, MAC Books, PC’s and you can even study on your smart phone.

Just click here to check out all the virtual classroom options:


Old School classroom training involved first buying a large bulky paperback training manual, dive tables, “the wheel” to learn dive planning, and a set of training slates. Once you had these, you headed home to study. Normally about 1 evening each week for 6 weeks, you would meet in a classroom at a dive center and get live lectures on the knowledge development. Additionally you would need sit through hours and hours of videos about the knowledge development. Once all this was completed, then you needed pass the 100 question final exam before ever getting to slip into SCUBA gear and start pool sessions.


Confined water pool SCUBA training evolution

Years ago SCUBA confined water training.
Old school SCUBA training

In the 1970’s – even the mid 1990’s, SCUBA confined water training normally took months to complete. One night a week or every other week meeting at a local pool to complete what then was required to pass a SCUBA course.

Now a days folks can arrive at the dive shop around 7:00am having already completed the knowledge development online and be in the pool training by 7:30am and out on the afternoon boat the same day doing Open Water training dives.

Follow the link below to view a student who video documented how much fun evolved SCUBA confined water training can be.

The pace and volume of expansion and evolution in the SCUBA industry can by dizzying, but jump in and join us and enjoy the ride!


Evolution of SCUBA Instruction
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