Requesting Marine Biologists Help

We are requesting marine biologists help.

Please help us answer the question, “what is this pink stuff growing on our coral reef?”

Post hurricane Irma our Ocean Floor is covered in this Pink Stuff, what is it?

Does anyone know?

It is growing at every site in Key Largo at this time, and growing at an alarming rate too.

Appearance of Pink Growth

Requesting Marine Biologists Help
Requesting Marine Biologists Help To Identify The Pink Stuff

The close up view with baby fish is best view of this.

Shorty after hurricane Irma this pink growth has almost entirely covered the sand as far as the eyes can see at Elbow Reef.

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Sail Fish Scuba dive shop is requesting Marine Biologists help.

Coral Restoration Foundation

NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 

MarineLab Environmental Education Center 

MarineLab gave the following statement.

This growth could be Liagora, as well as the normally very rare *Liagorothamnion*.

The type specimens which were discovered in Puerto Rico growing abundantly in shallow water on the back reef and reef flats after Hurricanes Hortense and Georges.

This unusual species must exist as an alternate cryptic/ microscopic phase until a hurricane hits, and which point it blooms abundantly and reproduces sexually.



Requesting Marine Biologists Help