Spiegel Grove & Benwood Shipwrecks & Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef & N. North Dry Rocks Reef in Key Largo

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1 September, 2018 AM & PM

Spiegel Grove Shipwreck

This morning at Spiegel Grove Who doesn’t love seeing a 510 foot long retired NAVY Ship resting upright on the bottom of the ocean? Today we were pleased Mother Nature handed us only 12 to 14 knot winds which equaled only 2 – 3 feet seas. There was only a mild to light current on the wreck dives as well today which pleased all our divers.

Benwood Shipwreck and Reef

The second site at Benwood Benwood shipwreck always pleases divers with it’s massive schools of Grunt fish. The huge anchor and the beautiful corals surrounding the shipwreck aren’t bad to look at either.

Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef which is home to Christ of the Abyss statue

This afternoon at Christ of the Abyss Everyone loves seeing the world famous Christ of the Abyss statue at this site and the hand of God reef. This reef from a sky view resembles a hand pressing down on Earth with the wrist being the dry rocks at low tide. Between the fingers is placed the lovely bronze statue of Jesus.

N. North Dry Rocks Reef

The second site at N. N. Dry Rocks The corals at this site are stacked like isles of a grocery store and filled with the most lovely fish.

Excellent time was had by all scuba divers enjoying the wrecks and reefs of Key Largo, Florida Keys.
Spiegel Benwood Scuba Instruction Christ Statue Dive

The crew at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop strive daily to provide the best possible photo guided Key Largo scuba and snorkeling tours. We sure hope if you joined today you enjoyed the level of customer service we provided. Today was just all around a perfectly pleasant day in the Florida Keys, and we were happy you enjoyed it with us. We give thanks to all the good folks who selected Sail Fish Scuba for their scuba diving and snorkeling Key Largo tours today.

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Reef Report

East South East 120 degrees 12 – 14 knots
2 foot to 3 foot with just a few 4’ rolling through
Mild to Light Current
50 – 70 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Morning Dives

AM Dive 1 SITE : Spiegel Grove Shipwreck

AM Dive 1 SITE : Spiegel
Depth: 85 Feet
Bottom Time: 27 Min
Huge Rainbow Parrotfish & nice size Angelfish!
Surface Interval: 28 Minutes

AM Dive 2 SITE : Benwood Shipwreck

AM Dive 2 SITE : Benwood

Depth: 47 Feet
Bottom Time: 40 Min
Massive schools of grunts so thick you can lose your dive buddy in them and so many other fish!

Afternoon Dives

PM Dive 1 SITE : Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef

PM Dive 1 SITE : Christ of the Abyss

Depth: 33 Feet
Bottom Time: 42 Min
Surface Interval: 21 Minutes
Rainbow, Midnight, Blue, Queen, Redbanded, Striped, Princess, and Stoplight Parrotfish ~ We found them all on 1 awesome dive!

PM Dive 2 SITE : N. North Dry Rocks Reef

PM Dive 2 SITE : N. North Dry Rocks Reef

Depth: 26 Feet
Bottom Time: 44 Min
Doctorfish, Blue Tang, and Ocean Surgeonfish.

Your Crew Today

Crew of DEEPER: Captain Dave

First Mate AM/PM:
Crew of DEEPER: First Mate PADI Divemaster Rick

Dive Guide: Inst. Thomas and Inst. Bob guided the certified divers on the deep shipwrecks, and Inst. Phil (former SFS Staff) visited again with his southern Keys dive shop staff.

Instruction: At the Jacobs Aquatic Center Pool this AM: Inst. Alex assisted by DM Intern Miranda taught the Discover Scuba Class & Scuba Diver Level Class while Inst. Thorner taught the full OW Diver course to our 2 ladies who WON their training from PADI from a Contest! Thanks PADI for sending them to us for this training!

Dive Guide: Inst. Bob guided all the cert. divers & PADI DM Intern Miranda photo-guided the classes of students.

Snorkel Guide: PADI Discover Snorkeling taught by Inst. Thomas & Inst./Owner Chris guided free diver group.

Instruction: PADI Open Water Training Dives 1 & 2 and DSD taught by Inst. Alex & Inst. Thorner taught OW 1/2 x2 students ~ Inst. Mike finished our 2 newest Certified Divers last training dives ~ Congrats. Guys!

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1 Sept 2018

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