Sail Fish Scuba the #1 dive shop in Key Largo

Everyday folks call Sail Fish Scuba and ask the question,”Why is Sail Fish Scuba rated the number one dive shop?”

Staff of Sail Fish Scuba dive shop in Key Largo answer this question with the following answers.

We never crowd our boat for our tours.

Most shops find out how many persons the USCG allows to be on their boats per tour, and then they attempt to max out each trip to make the most profit per tour.

Not Sail Fish Scuba!

Our dive boat DEEPER is USCG rated for 24, but we limit by only booking the first 18 guests max per tour.

Always a FREE guide with all tours.

At Sail Fish Scuba we put a dive guide with every 6 certified SCUBA divers. Every 8 snorkelers have their own in-water-guide. Kayaking/snorkeling the mangrove tours are also guided at a ratio of 6 guests to each 1 guide.

Free set of tour photos.

Sail Fish Scuba offers a free set of all photos taken by our guides on every tour every day. Never pay for photos ever. While filling out your waivers at check-in we get an email address from each guest and we use this to send to the guest the free photos post tour with our handy link.

Here is a sample of FREE photos:

DEEPER Dive Boat
Cowfish Key Largo
Benwood Shipwreck and divers
Guided-Snorkel- Key-Largo
Guided Snorkel Tour Key Largo
Sail Fish Scuba guided dive

Fresh Water Garden Shower For Guests

Post tours at Sail Fish Scuba dive center in Key Largo, Florida Keys guests get to not only rinse off, but take a full shower. Sail Fish Scuba stocks the garden shower with shampoo, conditioner, men’s and women’s body wash. Guests just need bring their own towel & change of clothes and post tours they are ready to go straight to lunch or dinner.

Fully stocked bathroom for guest, just like you are at home.

What other tour vendor offers a huge basket full of FREE combs, hair gel, hair spray, men’s and women’s spray deodorants, body powder, mouthwash, lotions, aloe lotions for those who got sunburned, and much more. And yes, this is all FREE for our tour guests to use everyday!

Tootsie Rolls, Assorted hard candies, peppermints, fresh drinking water and more.

On board DEEPER our custom built DELTA dive boat we offer our guests FREE Tootsie Rolls, assorted hard candies, and more to get the salt water taste out of their mouth between tours and post tours. We also have bottles of cold fresh drinking water and cups for our guest always all FREE.

Cookies, Pretzels, Fresh Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Chai, Green Tea and more.

Post tours our guests get to relax in the dive shop just like you are at home. We have a nice size table and chair set and we have sofas for relaxing. While you fill out your log book, you get to get comfortable with a FREE snack & FREE beverages in comfortable seating areas.

Want to sit out doors and enjoy the Florida sun while you relax and enjoy your snacks, no worries!

We have a garden picnic area with large picnic table and seating in the sun on the huge metal chairs. Bring your cooler of food and adult beverages and hang out here as long as you like post tour, we don’t mind! We love customers and we love when divers love to hang out at “The #1 Dive Shop in all The Florida Keys”.

You need more reasons to know why we are The #1 Dive Shop in the Florida Keys.

Listen, I can go on and on telling you all the reasons why we make our customers happy. But, we would rather have you come experience it for yourself.

Or listen to what past guests have had to say by reading all the reviews.

Guests help pick the sites we visit!

Unlike other dive shops and snorkel shops in Key Largo, Florida Keys, we let the first person booking onto any given tour any given day pick one of the two sites we will visit for this tour.

We visit the sites our guests want to see. As long as mother nature don’t give us weather that wouldn’t permit us to go where the guests select, the first person booking onto a tour gets to pick 1 of the 2 sites for this tour!

What sites do we visit on SCUBA and Snorkel tours in Key Largo, Fl. Keys.

Here is a link to preview just a small portion of the sites we actually visit.

Shallow shipwrecks, shallow reef sites, to deep shipwrecks and deep reef sites we visit them. From North Key Largo Elbow reef down to Tavernier sites like Snapper Ledge and Pickle Barrel Reef we visit them all.

Christ of the Abyss Key Largo, Florida Keys

Yes we visit the Jesus site. Some call it Christ of the Deep. Others call it Christ Abby site. We have been asked do we visit “The Statue” and “Touch down Jesus”. Whatever you like to call it the answer is yes we visit Key Largo Dry Rocks Reef, home of the Christ of the Abyss statue.

Christ of the Abyss

Are you now ready to book a tour with Sail Fish Scuba

Ok, now you are ready I’m sure to come see for yourself just what Sail Fish Scuba is all about.

To book a tour with us 24 hours a day 7 days a week right from your computer or smart phone, simply follow this link:

If you don’t see an available tour, or enough seats on the tour and date you are interested in, it maybe that we are already full this day. But, don’t give up right away, please send to us an email question about the tour and date you are interested in and we will do our very best to assist you.


If you want to speak directly to us, we would also love and welcome that and are here to help during the following days/hours:   305-453-3446

Mondays ~ Always Closed ( owner operated, this is our only full day off each week year round. )

Tuesday – Saturday ~ we are available 07:30am – 5:30pm

Sundays – 07:30am – 1:00pm ( owner operated, this is our only Half day off each week. )

Thanks for understanding we are human too, and really need at least 1 full day & 1/2 day off each week to re-charge ourselves and do laundry.

Looking forward to hearing from you real soon!

Thanks for getting to know us a little better!

Owners Chris & Jen Kerr

and our CREW!



#1 Dive Shop Key Largo