Are You Ready for the Advanced Open Water Course in Three Trips with Six Dives?

We at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop want you to join us for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.
This course is done over Three Trips on the boat and includes a total of Six Dives. Today Inst. Alex is starting a student on this course with the Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Navigation lessons. Tomorrow they will complete the Deep and Shipwreck lessons and Sunday morning finish up the course with Underwater Naturalist and a final fun dive.
Sign up today to complete the online lesson for this course right off our Instruction page of our website and then phone us to book your water work days.

29 March 2019

Advanced Open Water Course, Three Trips, and Six Tank Dives

This Afternoon at Florida Keys Reef dive sites we got started on our newest PADI AOW course with PADI Instructor Alex and our student. Since Qi was our only guest today, we thank the good folks over at Horizon Divers for the boarding pass seats on their boat for her and Inst. Alex.
We would love to have you join us for a tour next week and signing up is super easy on our website 24/7.

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Reef Report

East 100 degrees 16 – 18 knots
2.5’ seas with a few big OMG 4.0’ here and there.
Light Current
30 – 40 feet
Water Temperature
76.8 F
AIR Temperature
73.8 F
Sunny with a steady East wind all day.

Dive Profiles

Afternoon Dives

PM Dive 1 SITE : N. North Dry Rocks Reef

PM Dive 1 SITE : N. N. Dry Rocks
Depth: 34 Feet
Bottom Time: 41 Min
Advanced Open Water PPB dive training this site.
Surface Interval: 18 Minutes

PM Dive 2 SITE : Hannah M. Bell

PM Dive 2 SITE : Hannah M. Bell

Depth: 28 Feet
Bottom Time: 43 Min
PADI AOW U.W. Nav. Training done at this site.

Your Crew Today

Dive Shop Staff:
Owner of Sail Fish Scuba: Jen Kerr & Chris Kerr
Crew of Horizon Divers
Instruction: PADI OWSI Instructor Alex: teaching AOW

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Advanced Open Water Course

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Advanced Open Water Course Three Trips Six Dives