What we discovered at Benwood Shipwreck

What an afternoon visiting Benwood Shipwreck.

The dives were eye-opening.

There was only 1 mooring ball remaining at the Benwood wreck.

A Huge Anchor is now uncovered thanks to Hurricane Irma.

Post Irma Benwood wreck Anchor
Benwood wreck Anchor

What a nice addition to the dive site Benwood Wreck, a giant old anchor.

Benwood Shipwreck

What we saw

We saw this poor sea turtle with massive growths who was hanging around Benwood Wreck.

Turtle Benwood Wreck
Turtle at Benwood Wreck with odd growths


French Reef

At French reef ball #2 we were super pleased to see much Elkhorn Corals survived Irma.

Reef Report

Our guests had great dives today, so much so they signed up to dive the rest of the week now.

We enjoyed only 1′ seas, 82F water, 35-45′ viz plus schools of fish everywhere!


Our 2 newest PADI DM students did a great job on their mapping project this afternoon.

Benwood shipwreck