Sail Fish Scuba: 27 February 2018

Captivating Calm Conditions Scuba Key Largo Snorkel Molasses Reef. This afternoon Captain Dive took us out on DEEPER to Flat seas at Molasses Reef. Snorkeling Key Largo just doesn’t get any better than this! PADI Inst. David taught Fish ID while Scuba dive guides Chris and Holly took awesome photos. Katie snorkel Goddess showed all the snorkel guests a wonderful time.

Reef Report

ESE 110’ 4 – 5 knots
Flat like LAKE Atlantic, How cool is this for this time of the year!
Light Current
70 – 80 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Dive 1 Logan’s Run at Molasses Reef
Depth: 31 Feet
Bottom Time: 31 Min
Surface Interval: 27 Minutes
Dive 2 Spanish Anchor at Molasses Reef
Depth: 30 Feet
Bottom Time: 38 Min

Your Crew Today

Captain: Dave
First Mate: Nick
Dive Guide: Holly & Chris
Snorkel Guide: Katie
Dive Instructor: David

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27 Feb PM

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Captivating Calm Conditions Scuba Key Largo Snorkel Molasses Reef