Sail Fish Scuba: 6 Feb 2018 PM

Discover Scuba Christ Abyss Snorkeling Grecian Fun. Great time with Inst. Nick and DM intern Katie trying Scuba. Dive guide Chris showed divers a wonderful adventure and Snorkeling Goddess Jen kept all the family members snorkeling entertained. Thanks Lori for holding down the dive shop & Capt Dave & John manned Deeper

Reef Report

ENE 10 – 17 knots
2 – 2.5 feet
Light Current
35 – 40 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Dive 1 Christ of the Abyss
Depth: 30 Feet
Bottom Time: 50 Min
Surface Interval: 14 Minutes
Dive 2 Grecian Rocks / Barracuda Alley
Depth: 20 Feet
Bottom Time: 50 Min

Your Crew Today

Captain: Dave
First Mate: John
Dive Guide: Chris
Snorkel Guide: Jen
Dive Instructor: Nick & DM Intern Katie doing photos

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6 Feb 2018 PM

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Discover Scuba Christ Abyss Snorkeling Grecian Fun.