Sail Fish Scuba: 26 December 2017

Discover Scuba Diving Key Largo PADI Course. 6 PADI DSD students and 1 DM student plus 1 O.W. student all joined Instructors Holly, David, and Jen all day today. Inst. Pam guided snorkelers. Discover Scuba Diving Key Largo PADI Course. Inst. Jen’s group got to see a huge Nurse shark being followed by a Great Barracuda just as large as the shark! These 2 dive sites hardly look like Hurricane Irma came through the Keys. Colorful soft corals and bright hard corals everywhere. Great time had by all.

Reef Report

ENE 14 – 15 knots
1 – 1.5 feet
No Current
35 – 45 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Dive 1 Barracuda Alley
Depth: 18 Feet
Bottom Time: 39 Min
Surface Interval: 16 Minutes
Dive 2 Horseshoe Reef
Depth: 25 Feet
Bottom Time: 36 Min

Your Crew Today

Captain: Amoray Captain
First Mate: Amoray Crew
Dive Guide: DM in training David with Camera
Snorkel Guide: Pam
Dive Instructor: Holly & Jenn & David

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26 Dec PM
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