Dive Key Largo Safety Inspected Boats

Key Largo Dive Boat DEEPER
Key Largo Dive Boat DEEPER

Dive Key Largo safety inspected boats when visiting the Florida Keys.

Safety inspected and certified dive boats provide comfort and safety for all guests.

USCG Inspected dive boats must meet very strict safety standards.

USCG Annual Inspections

Dive Key Largo Safety Inspected Boats
Dive Key Largo Safety Inspected Boats

Dive shops who want to take more than 6 paying guests on their boat must comply with various safety inspections.

Every 2 years these boats need to be dry docked for the hull inspections.

A hull inspection checks for any damage to the boat below the water line.

When blistering of the fiberglass is found the boat owner must make repairs.

Key Largo USCG Safety Inspected Boats
Key Largo USCG Safety Inspected Boats

Why select A USCG Safety Inspected Boat

It is important to pick a dive shop with a USCG safety inspected boat.


For many a worst nightmare would be to be trapped inside a sinking dive boat.

December 18, 2012 a diver died while trapped inside the cabin of the boat named Get Wet.

Get Wet was a boat owned by Key Largo Scuba Shack.

Due to a lack of safety inspection, it sank when in choppy seas.

Boats Which Carry More Than Six Guests

Commercial vessels that carry six or fewer passengers are not required to be inspected.

Dive boats that carry more than six must have an annual safety inspection and a haul-out hull inspection every two years.

Key Largo Shops With USCG Inspected Boats

Out of the thirty plus shops to pick from, only a few actually have USCG Safety Inspected boats.

The following dive shops have inspected boats.

Deeper is the name of the USCG safety inspected boat owned by Sail Fish Scuba.


Rainbow Reef


Ocean Divers


Silent World


Horizon Divers


Island Ventures



Dive Key Largo Safety Inspected Boats