Fish at Molasses Reef, Key Largo

Diving Key Largo Molasses Reef with the guides at Sail Fish Scuba is a wonderful way to explore this site.

World Famous Molasses Reef is one of the most amazing dive locations in all the Florida Keys.
There is more wildlife to see in 1 tank of scuba diving on Molasses Reef than you could possibly see in five hours hiking in the woods.
This site is home to a massive variety of tropical reef fish and corals it would take over 30 dives to see it all.

Corals of Molasses Reef, Key Largo

What corals might you get to see when snorkeling our scuba diving Molasses Reef, Key Largo, Fl. Keys? Actually the list is nearly endless! Here are the top 5 Corals you will get to see.

Elkhorn Coral, Giant Brain Coral, Pillar Coral, Mountainous Star Coral, Staghorn Coral.

Spanish Anchor Site At Molasses Reef

While there are over 30 mooring ball dive sites at Key Largo Molasses Reef, one of my personal favorite sites is Spanish Anchor Site.

With a dive depth not to exceed 40 feet, divers can enjoy a nice long dive along beautiful living corals and get to see a massive old Spanish Anchor!

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What if we are not SCUBA certified?

No worries! Molasses has many areas shallow enough to snorkel this amazing Key Largo, Fl. Keys reef system.

Or you can do our PADI Discover Scuba Diving 1 day ( try ) scuba non-certification courses to get to dive Key Largo Molasses Reef.

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Diving Key Largo Molasses Reef

Diving Key Largo Molasses Reef