Wreck diving sites Key Largo top 6

Key Largo SCUBA diving operators are so lucky to have so many awesome wrecks as dive sites. Key Largo has been known for many years as the Diving Capital of the World, and for good reason.

Within about 10 nautical miles lays the remains of these wrecks from one another.

The City of Washington off the far North end of Key Largo is the wreck the most North. The shipwreck Duane is the wreck the most South. Now there are plenty more shipwrecks North, but they are not technically off Key Largo coast. Additionally there are plenty more shipwrecks South of the shipwreck Duane, but again they would be off the coast of different islands in the chain of The Florida Keys.

Listed from most shallow depth to most deep depth below:

1 – City of Washington

City of Washington Wreck

2 – Hannah M. Bell

Hannah M. Bell Shipwreck

3 – Benwood

Benwood Shipwreck

4 – Spiegel Grove

USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32)

5 – Duane

Duane Shipwreck in Key Largo

6 – Bibb

Bibb Wreck in Key Largo

Certification scuba divers need to dive wrecks

Great news! At Sail Fish Scuba dive shop as long as you have your Open Water Diver certification card, and have been diving in the past 18 months in open water, you are good to dive any of the wrecks with us except the Duane or Bibb. These being the most challenge due to possible strong current and due to dive depth, if you don’t already hold Advanced Open Water or higher & been diving in last 12 months, we will ask you to dive with us on a shallow trip the day before to access your dive ability. Since all dives with Sail Fish Scuba are professionally guided by a PADI Divemaster or Instructor, this is how we can operate in this manner.

If you are planning to dive with a different dive shop other than Sail Fish Scuba, you may need call to check the certification level they require for diving each shipwreck.


Here are few photos that were taken by our guides during tour tours on these shipwrecks. We very much love diving the shipwrecks of the Florida Keys, so when you call to book your next dive with us, ask to dive a wreck!

Diving Key Largo top 6 wreck sites
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