Low viz diving on windy day May 17, 2017

What did the low viz. look like while diving 17 May 2017?

When you call Sail Fish Scuba dive shop and we advise you the winds have been blowing and the viz. will be reduced, the image above is what we are referring to.


Can we still have a good time diving?

Yesterday Winds have made the viz. quite low, but with great guides like Inst. Paul, we have working here at SFS ~ No worries, good time can be had by all!

As long as you have your mind set that diving in bad conditions sure beats a good day of working.

Divers can come to Key Largo and if they have the advanced knowledge of conditions still enjoy being underwater and seeing corals and fish.

Dive shops can not control the wind/waves/viz./water temp. However we can control the level of customer service we provide to our guests.

Here at Sail Fish Scuba in Key Largo, Florida Keys we pride ourselves in trying daily to provide to our guests the highest level of customer service possible.

If you are ready to giving diving key largo a try, book right now 24 hours a day / 7 days a week with our online booking system.

Click below to go to Sail Fish Scuba website. Once there click on the blue box Book Now and let the fun begin!


Payment on online system is taken with Pay Pal.

What will the fish and corals look like in low viz.

When scuba diving in Key Largo on a low viz day the fish and corals are still there. You will just need get closer to see them.

Here are some images from our recent trip 17 May 2017.

fish on low viz dive Key Largo
diver by coral on low viz. dive key largo


Low viz. diving on a windy day
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