Sail Fish Scuba: 26 July 2018

First Explore Benwood Shipwreck Bow Wall Second Stern Reef. There is so much to search and see at the Benwood we like to double dip this site to see it all. Not many divers realize there is a lovely coral covered wall dive right in front of this shipwreck. Additionally, hardly anyone ever explores the many huge chunks of the wreck that the hurricanes over the years scattered behind the main site. The guides at Sail Fish Scuba show all this cool stuff to our guests. Thanks everyone who selected Sail Fish Scuba as their shop to dive with while in the Florida Keys.

Reef Report

North 0 degrees 0 – 1 knots
100% Flat like Lake Atlantic
Light Current
45 – 50 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Dive 1 Benwood Bow & Benwood Wall
Depth: 51 Feet
Bottom Time: 45 Min
Surface Interval: 20 Minutes
Dive 2 Benwood Shipwreck & Benwood West Reef
Depth: 40 Feet
Bottom Time: 46 Min

Your Crew Today

Captain: Dave
First Mate: Chris
Dive Guide: Thorner & Alex & Thomas

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26 July 2018 AM
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First Explore Benwood Shipwreck Bow Wall Second Stern Reef