13 July 2019

Darn Hurricane Barry Making Sporty Seas In The Florida Keys

Even though Hurricane Barry didn’t directly come anywhere near Key Largo, the storm system did cause us Sporty Seas in the Florida Keys this weekend. This time of the year we expect to have flat surface conditions and sunny skies every single day. However, darn Hurricane Barry with the sucking power of the hurricane force changed our weather pattern here in Key Largo. It provided us with winter like surface and underwater visibility conditions this weekend.


East South East 125 degrees 15 – 20 knots
3.5’ to a Sporty 4.0’ here and there on the Shipwreck, Headed to Shallow Backside of Grecian Rocks for PM to be calmer.
Moderate to Strong Current
Hurricane Barry messed up our VIZ!
Water Temperature
85.2 F
AIR Temperature
92.4 F & Humid ~ Feels like: 99F today with 100% humidity

AM Dive: Spiegel Grove Shipwreck
Depth: 101 Feet
Bottom Time: 22 Min
Seas Too Sporty & Rippin Current Too Strong To stay for second.

PM Dives : Grecian Rocks Reef

Depth: 10′ & 17′ Feet
Bottom Time: 40 Min & 42 Min
Surface Interval: 15 Minutes

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13 July 2019

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Hurricane Barry Sporty Seas Florida Keys

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Hurricane Barry Sporty Seas Florida Keys