Sail Fish Scuba: 23 February 2018 AM

Kayak Paddle Coral Reef

Enjoy Kayak Paddle Coral Reef State Park Viewing Dolphin

Today Kayak Paddle Coral Reef State Park Viewing Dolphin.
Kayaking Pennekamp State Park is always our “go-to” backup plan for when the winds are high and the dive boat has to cancel! Kayaking guests spotted dolphins today off in the distance and had a wonderful time kayaking!
The guides at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop in Key Largo, Florida Keys understand tourists hate when winds blow out tours and they are left with nothing fun to do. So, at Sail Fish Scuba in Key Largo, Florida Keys there are windy day back up tour options. Excellent fun can be had by scuba tourists and snorkeling tourists alike when joining these windy day back up Florida Keys tours.

Kayak Paddle Coral Reef State Park Viewing Dolphin

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Kayak Guide: David

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23 February 2018 AM Kayak
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Does this look like a Key Largo, Florida Keys tour you could see yourself doing? Don’t wait any longer and just think about joining us. We make signing up for a tour super easy and you can simply phone the shop to do it. Call us today at (305) 453-3446 Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 am till 4:00 pm and ask to speak with Jennifer Kerr. At time of phone booking we take a credit card deposit of twenty five dollars and your balance can be paid upon your arrival. Do you like paying cash and like getting discounts we have great news for you. Sail Fish Scuba rewards their cash paying guests with a five percent discount. Credit cards are accepted as well for balance payment upon arrival but when we process a credit card we give about five percent of the sale to the credit card processing center. At Sail Fish Scuba we feel much better rewarding the customer with this chunk of the sale as a discount.
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Kayak Paddle Coral Reef State Park Viewing Dolphin