Sail Fish Scuba: Kayaking Mangrove Jungle Tour Instructor David
4 May 2018 KAYAK

Kayaking Mangrove Jungle Tour Instructor David, loads of fun winding through the mazes and looking for wildlife. Thankful we were able to accommodate these blown-out snorkel guests with a fun and exciting tour.
Kayaking Mangrove Jungle Tour
Many folks come to the Florida Keys and don’t get to experience all the lovely paths around the mangroves. Kayaking Mangrove Jungle Tour with Instructor David was fun time for all.

Reef Report

East 90′ 22 knots
4 feet
Water Temperature

Kayaking Mangrove Jungle Tour Instructor David

Kayak Guide: David

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4 May 2018 PM KAYAK
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Kayaking Mangrove Jungle Tour Instructor David