Key Largo Newest Dive Master

Key Largo has it’s newest PADI Dive Master.

Inst. Holly finished all the PADI dive master exams today with dive master intern Mike.

We give a huge congratulation shout out to MIKE for finishing this challenging and rewarding course.

Key Largo Dive Master Mike

Giving Thanks Today

This afternoon we give Thanks to Rainbow Reef Dive Center for the afternoon boarding pass seats for Inst. David and our newest PADI Discover Scuba Diver and certified diver friend.

The divers had a great time and the dives went just super.

These Discover Scuba Diving divers had not upgraded to having a private photo guide. So sorry no photos from their dives today.

Key Largo Corals That Survived Hurricane Irma

Key Largo corals that survived hurricane IRMA

We are extremely pleased to share with you some images of corals that survived hurricane Irma.

Key Largo Coral Survived Hurricane Irma

Happenings Around The Dive Shop


Inst. Holly and owner Jen tore apart the dive shop PC’s and printers today.

These had gotten some moisture damage during hurricane Irma.

We are super happy to report they are all working again “for now at least!”

Follow this link if you would like to sign up to join us for a tour.

We are fully back open and ready to serve the public.

Owner Chris finished the final patch work on the front dive shop sign from #IRMA damage.

Finally things are really starting to look back to normal around here! 

Reef Report

Today we felt a stiff North North West wind.

This NNW wind gave us two to three foot waves.

These waves gave us viz. around twenty foot.

The water temperature remained constant at 82 F. / 28 C.

Lucky for us today we saw next to no Moon Jellyfish on the reef and no Man O’ War Jellyfish either.


Key Largo Dive Master