Key Largo Mangrove Kayaking

When visiting the Key Largo area please join one of our Mangrove Kayaking Guided Florida Keys Tours.

Exploring the mangrove jungle can be intimidating.

If you don’t know the local area, the mangroves look like a maze.

Sail Fish Scuba understands guests like to be shown the local places.

That is why our guests are not just handed a map.

Sail Fish Scuba: 20 January 2019

Guided Kayak Key Largo Mangrove Tour. The winds picked up and cancelled our morning boat tour, but that did not stop our fun in the Florida Sun! We treated our guests to a fun and educational tour of the Mangrove of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. We even took them for their first snorkeling experience.

Mangrove Jungle Report

What We Saw
Learned about Red/white/black mangrove trees. Saw mangrove snapper, stoplight parrot fish, and Mojarra fish.
5 – 15 feet
Water Temperature

Where Do Tours Go

Based on the days wind speed and direction we pick the very best spots.

There are over ten different places that we can take guests kayaking.

Bay side and Ocean side tours are available based on the conditions of the day.

What Is Included

You only really need a swimsuit and towel.

Everything to complete the kayaking tour is included in our rate.

Guided, photos, kayak, paddle, life jacket, wet suit or rash guard to wear, and small bottle of water.

We even bring along a mask and snorkel in case guests want to get in for a short snorkel.

Sometimes guests just like to play in the water and that’s fine too.

Suggested Items To Bring

If you have polarized sunglasses, bring them for sure.

Wearing a hat really helps you see better and protect your face from the sun.

Sunscreen is always a good idea.

Lightweight and quick drying shirt and pants.

Water shoes if you have them, if not we have them in rental.

Large bottle of water to drink.

Length Of Tour

Almost every Tuesday thru Saturday year round with a 1:00 pm check-in time.

Kayaking for around 2.5 hours and if interested a snorkeling stop for 20 minutes.


Kayaking Key Largo with Sail Fish Scuba $69 + tax.
Key Largo Mangrove Kayaking Guided Florida Keys Tours

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Kayaking Guide: Jennifer Kerr

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Sail Fish Scuba always provides guests with FREE photos of their tours.
2 January 2019
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How to Join a Tour

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Key Largo Mangrove Kayaking Guided Florida Keys Tours
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