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Key Largo Weather Report

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Key Largo Weather Report Sail Fish Scuba

While scuba diving Key Largo at All Dive Sites Divers must understand the local operators do not control the weather and conditions.

All islands of the Florida Keys including Key Largo follow Weather Reports to protect the safety of our Sail Fish Scuba crew and guests.
When the wind blows harder than 20 knots from the South or South East the seas grow high quickly.
Trust me when I say that all scuba dive shops in the Florida Keys want to take you out as much as possible on their boats.
However safety comes first.
All Key Largo, Florida Keys scuba diving operators get notices from NOAA.Gov about hazardous marine conditions.
To ignore these report emails would just be careless and stupid.

NOAA/NWS Florida Keys marine weather update

When Key Largo diving operators get an email from: Kennard “Chip” Kasper – NOAA Federal, they must take what it says seriously.
Folks we sure wish we had some hidden secret lovely reef diving sites that were never changed by windy days, but we just don’t.
Here is a sample of the NOAA/NWS email report we got in the afternoon on 26 January 2019.
“Chip says”
Hi everyone,
The normally slow-changing Florida Keys weather pattern will become highly volatile during the next 24 hours.

Given this scenario, we recommend checking marine weather observations and forecasts frequently, as they are likely to change.

Here are the primary potential marine weather hazards tonight through Sunday night:


Tonight — Small Craft Advisory currently is in effect for the extreme southeastern Gulf of Mexico beyond five fathoms. NNE ranging from 15-20 knots, highest west of Key West.
Sunday — Volatile wind character expected. ESE becoming S, becoming SW, becoming W. Wind speeds could be below 10 knots or above 30 knots depending on low pressure system development and evolution.
Sunday night — Higher confidence in NNW 20-30 knots developing.

NOAA/NWS Florida Keys Thunderstorms

Tonight — Isolated; a few severe storms possible after 3:00 a.m., mainly over the Straits of Florida.
Sunday — Marginal risk for severe storms.
Sunday night — Non-severe storms mainly along an eastward-moving squall line.

Periods of heavy rain are likely through Sunday night.

Seas will depend on wind and thunderstorms.

Please consult the following sources for Florida Keys marine weather.

Florida Keys Coastal Waters Forecasts:

High Winds Equals Zero Boat Tours

In conclusion, high winds does equal zero boating tours offered during these times. This means the operators of these boat tours have their cash registers running in reverse.
Please understand that deposits for tours on boats are collected when tourists are booked. If the Key Largo Weather causes tour operators to not be able to run tours they are forced to refund these deposit.
It is already super stressful on Key Largo tour operators to have to cancel tours so please folks understand that we are not just feeling like having a day off work.
Remember safety first.

Back Up Tours On Windy Days

Here at Sail Fish Scuba in Key Largo we offer lots of fun back up things to do on windy days.
We have even written a few blogs about these options and included photos.
Search our site for Shore Diving and Kayaking tours.
Also we offer PADI classroom only courses in FISH ID, Enriched Air NITROX, Gas Blender, AWARE Coral Conservation, Equipment Specialty and many more.

Where to go for Lunch/Dinner after your tour:

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Key Largo Weather Daily Reef Report

Check the link below for hourly wind speed and direction updates
The link below will provide you wave height updates daily.
Water Temperature
By visiting the link below you can get daily water temperature updates.
Week Ahead Outlook
By visiting the link below you can get daily water temperature updates.

Key Largo Weather Report Sail Fish Scuba