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Reef Diving Key Largo Nurse Shark Encounter Interactions

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Key Largo Nurse Shark Encounter Interactions

While scuba diving Key Largo at All Dive Sites divers get to see up close wild thriving Nurse sharks.

As prudent professional PADI 5 Star Key Largo diving center we do not bait the waters for sharks.
Additionally as Eco Friendly and Environmentally Friendly scuba dive professionals we do not take buckets filled with bait along underwater during tours.

Getting to encounter nurse sharks in the wild is both fun and thrilling.
The chance encounter with these normally gentle sharks is sure to make memories that will never be forgotten.

Fun Facts About Nurse Sharks

The Nurse shark is often encountered here on south Florida’s reefs.
Most commonly observed between the size of 5-8 feet, the nurse shark can actually grow to over 12 feet!
Nurse sharks are mostly noctornal and spend most of their days napping.
They like the privacy of coral caves or along the sandy shallows along the reef.
Since they are normally sleepy during the day this makes them appear sluggish. However, at night nurse sharks scavenge the bottom of the reef in search of mollusks, crustaceans, and small stingrays.

Worldly Nurse Sharks

As a bottom dweller, they spend much of their time on the sea floor in tropical waters around coastal shelves, reefs, and channels. They seem to enjoy the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, especially around the Caribbean Islands. So when you’re out diving in Key Largo take a look under ledges and caves. You could come across this cute shark! Not sure if you’ve seen a nurse shark or some other kind of shark? They’re easy to identify! Look for two large dorsal fins (the fins on the top of the shark) and a elongated caudal fin (the tail) and you’ll be able to quickly ID the shark as a nurse.

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Reef Diving Key Largo Nurse Shark Encounter Interactions