Sawtooth Shark Key Largo

Sawtooth shark Key Largo sightings are rare.

Key Largo dive and snorkeling locations, in the Florida Keys, are home to many tourists hoping to get a glimpse at these prehistoric looking sharks.

Key Largo Sawfish Shark
Photo from Nov 2017 while snorkeling Key Largo Molasses Reef with Sail Fish Scuba of a
Key Largo Sawfish Shark

As rare as it is to get to see a sawtooth shark, it is even more shocking the snorkeling guide from Sail Fish Scuba managed to get this photograph.

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Where we saw this Key Largo Sawfish Shark

Molasses Reef in Key Largo, Florida Keys.

During a recent tour both snorkeling and scuba diving guests were treated to get to see a Key Largo Sawfish Shark.

Everyone was super excited, including our staff.


Surprise sightings of Sawtooth Sharks

While fishing in the Florida Keys these men were shocked to see they hooked a Sawtooth Shark.

Thank goodness they cut the line at the end of the video letting this giant Sawtooth Shark free.

Many Search Few Get To See

Key Largo has been home to many expeditions of scuba divers hoping to see a Sawtooth Shark.

Sad to say this search has cost the lives of some.

Pushing limits of the human body cost a famous shark film maker his life this year.

He was deeply hoping to get images of Sawtooth sharks.!

Sightings of Sawtooth sharks are extremely rare.

Correctly picking the right spot to get to see a Sawtooth shark on any given day is similar to picking the correct lottery numbers.

Key Largo Scuba Diving Sawtooth Shark
Key Largo Sawtooth Shark

Images Sawtooth Sharks

Sawtooth Shark Key Largo Molasses Reef
Sawtooth Shark Key Largo Molasses Reef


Sawtooth Shark Image
Sawtooth Shark Image

Similar to Nurse Shark Appearance

The body of the Sawtooth shark resembles the body of the Nurse shark.

Scuba Key Largo Nurse Shark
Scuba Key Largo Nurse Shark

The swimming movement of both sharks is similar.

Only the front of the head is the noted difference.



Key Largo Sawtooth Shark