Sea Turtles

Scuba Key Largo Turtles
Scuba Key Largo with Turtles at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop.


TURTLE Mania today!


Congrats To New Divers

Morning tour congrats to our 2 newest PADI OW cert. divers!

Sites We Vistied

Benwood wreck was first site on morning tour.

French Reef is where we headed for our second site on the am tour.

In the pm today, our first site was Christ of Abyss.

Horseshoe reef was our second site of the afternoon tour.

Conditions / Reef Report

79F water temperature, 1 foot seas, 35-40′ viz. and a moderate current.


scuba key largo turtles
Scuba Key Largo with Turtles at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop.

These are some of the awesome sea turtles we got to scuba dive with today.


Sea Turtle Key Largo Scuba Diving with Sail Fish Scuba dive shop

During this time of the year we get to see plenty of sea turtles.

Sea turtles love to eat jellyfish.

From September until April each year in the Florida Keys we have lots of jellyfish, so we have lots of turtles.

Who Did What Today

Owner Jen closed the shop this afternoon to take our party of 5 Non-Swimming first time snorkeling guests.

They now all Swim perfectly in full wetsuits/snorkeling vests!

Non-swimming snorkeling tour
Non-swimming snorkeling tour

Sail Fish Scuba dive shop assigns a private guide to groups of persons who do not know swimming, but want to try snorkeling.

Non swimmer doing snorkel tour
Non swimmer doing snorkel tour

Jen is super proud of her group!

Group of 5 non swimmers who completed snorkeling tour

To sign up to join for one of these tours, just click here:

Snorkeling Trips and Tours

PADI Instructor David had a group of exp. snorkelers.

Snorkel Key Largo Christ of Abyss
Christ of Abyss Key Largo snorkel tour with Sail Fish Scuba

Instructor Holly took all the certified divers on a fun tour of both sites.

The divers found more turtles during the afternoon dives.

Scuba Dive Key Largo Turtles!

Scuba Key Largo Turtles
Scuba Key Largo Turtles

Capt Dave drove all day and Instructor Glenn was first mate.

Mangrove Jungle Tour

Kayak Key Largo Tours
Kayak Key Largo tour no experience needed with guided tour at Sail Fish Scuba

Owner Chris took the Mangrove Jungle kayaking tour this afternoon.

Key Largo Kayak Tours Sail Fish Scuba
Key Largo Kayak Tours

Good time had by all there too!

WOW we had fun all day!