Should I own my own Regulator?

Yes! Once you are a certified Open Water Level diver you should start the process of buying your very own set of scuba gear. We feel it’s best after you purchase your own mask, fins, and snorkel to invest in your own regulator.

Own your very own Cressi Scuba Regulator

Why own my own scuba regulator?

When you own your very own set of scuba gear reports show you will dive more often.

Additionally you will feel more confident and comfortable when you dive.

Your scuba regulator is your life support equipment when you are underwater. Studies show that divers who own their own feel more confident breathing underwater because they know personally how the regulator works. These divers know when this regulator was serviced, and this adds to their dive comfort.

Your scuba equipment is a costly investment, from which you expect years of use. Regular service intervals are critical in extending the life of scuba equipment.

Using a local dive shop to service your scuba regulator annually is also important.

Cressi regulators can be serviced in Key Largo

Sail Fish Scuba in Key Largo services CRESSI dive gear.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Kayak Tours – Sail Fish Scuba – Key Largo FL

If you have another name brand regulator and need service while in Key Largo we suggest:

Or you can also visit the guys at “Q”.

What do scuba regulators cost?

You can sometimes find great deals on used regulators, like the ones we sell annually out of our dive shop rental fleet.  Use caution when buying used that it has not been broken beyond repair. Our dive shop fully services our used for sale regulators right before putting them out for sale. Sail Fish Scuba used regulators range between $125.00 complete set to $250.00 complete set.

Brand new Cressi basic analog gauges and base model complete regulator sets at Sail Fish Scuba sell for around $450.00 to $500.00

Sail Fish Scuba also sells the high end Cressi for $1,500.00 and up depending on the model and gauges you select.

There are a large selection of scuba regulators to pick from when you are ready to buy. Take your time and go to local scuba shops and ask a lot of questions. Ask local dive shops if they have a “try it before you buy it” option on regulators. We do this at Sail Fish Scuba with the Cressis rental regulators we sell.

We also sell Genesis, Sherwood, and Scuba Max.

Scuba Gear ~ Why own your own regulator?
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