Today we give thanks to the good folks at Horizon for the boarding pass seats for our Inst. Alex and two certified divers. They will Scuba Key Largo Saturday Afternoon at two locations in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. 

 8 December 2018 REEF Report 
Scuba Key Largo Saturday Afternoon

Winds: East South East 10 – 14 knots equals Seas: 2.5′ to 3.5′ on the reef. Light to moderate current and 25 to 35 foot viz.

Who Do We Suggest For Post Tour Meals?

We have teamed up with a few local restaurants to provide our guests suggestions on places to eat and discount virtual coupons. When you go to order your food be sure to show the virtual coupon to your server.

How To Join Us For A Tour

If this looked like a whole lot of fun that you could see yourself joining, signing up for a tour is easy. To join a tour, just click on the blue book now box. Once there simply select the tour you want to join, fill in a few details and once you pay, you are all set. 

Ready To Become Scuba Certified?

If you are ready to join us for a PADI Scuba Certification course, you can sign up the same way you book a tour. Just click the blue box for Book Now, select Open Water Diver Course. You will need complete the virtual knowledge development before your arrival, but no worries the link for that is right there on our website. Here in sunny Key Largo, Florida Keys you will join us for one full day plus one half day of water work training. It really is quite easy!

Rate & Review US

If we showed to you a wonderful time on your tour or certification course, please take a moment and give us a kind review. Remember WE cannot control things like Weather, Wind, Seas, Viz., Current, Your Emotions and Feelings, The fish you will or will not see, Your seasickness, etc. We ask you PLEASE when you write a review, keep to to the things we can control, Customer Service, Quality of our Staff, Rental Gear, How well our shop was stocked, etc. Thanks so much in advance.

Scuba Key Largo Saturday Afternoon
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