Sail Fish Scuba: 30 January 2018

Scuba Refresher Training Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon

PADI Scuba Refresher Training Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon this morning was so much fun for the PADI Instructor and guests. We got to not only tune up all our scuba skills but also see many interesting fish at the same time.
Scuba Tune-Up today at Jules Undersea Lodge.
Some days we opt to go to this cool lagoon for training instead of just the public swimming pool. You have to admit it is way cooler to see fish swimming by and anemones growing around you than hair balls in the pool.
Instructor David took his two students from California to Jules to get them re-Scuba certified. Lots of Iguanas were looking out from the mangroves above and posed for some great pictures!


10-20 feet

Water Temperature


Dive Profiles

Jules Undersea Lodge Dive 1

Depth: 25 Feet

Bottom Time: 30 Min

Surface Interval: 14 Minutes

Dive 2

Depth: 20 Feet

Bottom Time: 28 Min

Your Crew Today

Dive Instructor: David

Shop Ladies: Holly & Jenn

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30 January 2018

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Scuba Refresher Training Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon
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