AM Spiegel Grove & Benwood Shipwrecks & PM Molasses Reef & NIGHT Dive on Benwood Shipwreck in Key Largo

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Shipwrecks Reefs Drifts Night Dives 10 November 2018 AM & PM & NIGHT Dive

Spiegel Grove Shipwreck AM

This morning at Spiegel Grove Happy Birthday Spiegel Grove! She turns 63 years old today from her first launch date! Thomaston-class of dock landing ship is the type of this shipwreck. Spiegel Grove was built by Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp. in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The length of this shipwreck is 510 feet ( 160 m ) and the beam ( width ) is 84 feet (26 m ) The propulsion was 2 steam turbines, 2 shafts, 23,000 shp (17 MW ) Her top cruising speed was 21 knots (39 km/h) She worked with a crew of 18 officers and 300 crew members. She was first launched 10 November 1955.
Date of sinking was 17 May 2002 on Dixie Shoal, 6 miles off the shore of Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Benwood Shipwreck AM

The second site at Benwood Norwegian merchant freighter Benwood collided with a tanker, The Robert C. Tuttle in the early morning of 9 April 1942. Before sunrise they were both running with the lights out to avoid German U-Boats that were reported to be in the area. Most folks don’t think of the Florida Keys when they think of World War II, but Benwood is part of this era in history. The Benwood took the still visible severe Bow damage and began taking on water, so she made for shallow and caught her stern in the 20 feet deep coral reef where she still lays. The bow is very near the deeper waters of the shipping lane she traveled in and you can easy get to 90 feet within a few kick cycles directly off the bow.
We love showing our guests all the Florida Keys Shipwrecks, Reefs, Exploring on Drifts Dives and Night Dives as well.

Molasses Reef PM

This afternoon at Molasses Reef is a National Marine Sanctuary Preservation Area in Key Largo, Florida Keys. This site is filled with debris of Shipwrecks. This is North America’s only Barrier Reefs system. Sometimes the current here is so strong we must do Drifts for our diving tours. Night Dives here can be exciting with the schools of Great Barracuda that tend to hang out here along with the variety of sharks.

Molasses Reef PM

The second site at Molasses Reef Lovely corals and tons of fish to see while scuba diving or snorkeling at Molasses Reef. With over 20 mooring balls to pick from, there is always something new to see and enjoy. Shipwrecks Reefs Drifts Night Dives

Benwood Shipwreck NIGHT Dive

The last site at Benwood Shipwreck We did our fun NIGHT Dive with the same group of divers from the morning tour today. Fun had by all. We do it all at Sail Fish Scuba: Shipwrecks Reefs Drifts Night Dives join us for a tour.

Shipwrecks Reefs Drifts Night Dives

Excellent time was had by all scuba divers enjoying the wrecks and reefs of Key Largo, Florida Keys.

The crew at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop strive daily to provide the best possible photo guided Key Largo scuba and snorkeling tours. We sure hope if you joined today you enjoyed the level of customer service we provided. Today was just all around a perfectly pleasant day in the Florida Keys, and we were happy you enjoyed it with us. We give thanks to all the good folks who selected Sail Fish Scuba for their scuba diving and snorkeling Key Largo tours today. Join us for some Shipwrecks, Reefs, Drifts, and Night Dives

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Reef Report

North 360 degrees 5 – 7 knots
1.0 to 1.5 Feet light chop
Light Current
40 – 50 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Morning Dives

AM Dive 1 SITE : Spiegel Grove Shipwreck

AM Dive 1 SITE : Spiegel
Depth: 89 Feet
Bottom Time: 21 Min
Amazing huge coral covered shipwreck
Surface Interval: 30 Minutes

AM Dive 2 SITE : Benwood Shipwreck

AM Dive 2 SITE : Benwood

Depth: 50 Feet
Bottom Time: 29 Min
Cool old shipwreck filled with schools of fish

Afternoon Dives

PM Dive 1 SITE : Eagle Ray Alley at Molasses Reef

PM Dive 1 SITE : Eagle Ray Alley at Molasses Reef

Depth: 36 Feet
Bottom Time: 48 Min
Lovely coral reef
Surface Interval: 22 Minutes

PM Dive 2 SITE : Molasses Reef Wellwood Area

PM Dive 2 SITE : Molasses Reef Wellwood Area

Depth: 34 Feet
Bottom Time: 48 Min
Nice reef fish all over living coral reef


NIGHT Dive 1 SITE : Benwood Shipwreck

Night Dive 1 SITE : Benwood
Depth: 50 Feet
Bottom Time: 51 Min
Amazing old shipwreck filled with sleepy parrotfish.

Your Crew Today

Crew of DEEPER: Captain Bob

First Mate AM/PM:
Crew of DEEPER: First Mate Rick AM & Bill PM & Thomas Night

Dive Guide: Inst. Thomas
Dive Guide: Inst. Chris & Inst. Alex

Snorkel Guide: DM Rick

Instruction: Inst. Thomas teaching O/W 3 & 4

Dive Guide: Inst. Alex

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10 November 2018
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