Key Largo Shore Scuba Dive site visited on days when the winds blow out the boat tours in Key Largo, Florida Keys

Key Largo Dive Shop Offering Shore Diving on Windy Days

Shore Dive Key Largo Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon

Florida Keys Scuba Diving with Sail Fish Scuba

23 January 2019

Shore Dive Key Largo

When winds blow too hard in Key Largo to go to the Reefs and Wrecks Sail Fish Scuba offers Shore Dive options.

Mangrove Lagoon Shore Diving

Key Largo Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon is awesome!
Guests are guided by the underwater PADI professional staff of Sail Fish Scuba.
Our guides know where all the cool critters hang out.
We show our guests all the cool stuff at the shore dive right here in Key Largo.
Shore dives at Jules Lagoon with Sail Fish Scuba are always photo-guided for certified divers. All photos taken are always included right in the base price of our small group guided diving tours.

Winds blow and dive operators in Key Largo are forced to cancel boat tours. Don’t worry folks, just call Sail Fish Scuba and arrange your fun hour long bottom time photo guided shore dive.

What can you see at this Key Largo Shore Dive?

The fish life is ever changing at this site at Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon and good time is always had.

PADI professional Sail Fish Scuba dive guides show guests an actual working underwater hotel. Our guides also show guests parrot fish and striped flat worms you won’t find out on the reef.
We have had encounters during our guided shore dives with manatees, nurse sharks, huge spider crabs, and even lettuce sea slugs.

What is the water like?

We will be right up front with all our guests before going to the shore dive location.
The water is not going to be Gin Clear like you get on calm days in the ocean. Out there you have a white sand bottom and currents moving the water constantly.
The shore dive water color is that best described as Captain Morgan Rum color.
It is clear and clean water.
It is salt water and is open to the ocean via Largo Sound with South and North creeks.
However, it is a Shore Dive and is located on the mangrove island of Key Largo.
Mangrove trees constantly shed their leaves and these leaves turn the water a spiced rum color.
The bottom of the lagoon is a soft silt bottom from the decomposition of the mangrove tree leaves and this is a dark brown color.
When looking down from the surface the water appears to be dark and murky. If you just give it a chance and get in to scuba you will find that it’s not nearly as dark as thought.

Excellent time was had by all scuba divers enjoying the snorkeling and reefs of Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Our entire crew at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop strive daily to provide the best possible photo guided Key Largo scuba and snorkeling tours. We sure hope if you joined today you enjoyed the level of customer service we provided. Today was just all around a perfectly pleasant day in the Florida Keys, and we were happy you enjoyed it with us. We give thanks to all the good folks who selected Sail Fish Scuba for their scuba diving and snorkeling Key Largo tours today.

Where to go for Lunch/Dinner after your tour:

Check out these coupons for local restaurants. Show the virtual coupon upon your arrival at each restaurant to get the great discounts. If you visit any other restaurant in Key Largo, show them these coupons & ask if they will match it for you and suggest to them to contact Jen Kerr owner of Sail Fish Scuba to have their restaurant added to this great tourist savings page for FREE! –

Reef Report

Since Sunday 20 Jan 2019 it’s been South East 140 degrees
And blowing 21 to 36 knots.
Since Sunday 20 Jan 2019 seas have remained 4.5 feet to 8.5 feet
On the Key Largo Reef and Shipwreck sites.
Guest from one shop in Key Largo who did take them out to
Molasses Reef on Monday 21st reported it was a total waste
Of time and money as the VIZ was no more than 5 feet to maybe 10 feet at best.
Water Temperature

Shore Dive Key Largo Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon

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Shore Dive Key Largo Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon