So You Want To Know Why Wind Cancels Boat Tours In Key Largo and The Florida Keys? The Answer Explained Here

Trust us tour operators when we say that we hate having to explain to guests why the wind cancels our boat tours in Key Largo and makes our cash register work in reverse.

Let Us Try To Explain Why Wind Cancels Boat Tours In Key Largo, Florida Keys.
Many of you got a phone call from your snorkel or scuba boat tour operator informing you that the boat tour for today is cancelled due to the weather. You are confused by this, because looking outside it appears to be a lovely sunny day. Granted, it’s a hold your hat on kind of windy day, but it looks so sunny. This image is NOT our dive boat DEEPER!

Wind Ruins Boat Diving Tours In Key Largo
Wind Ruins Boat Diving Tours In Key Largo
14 February 2020

Why Wind Cancels Boat Tours

Waves transmit energy, not water, and are commonly caused by the wind as it blows across the ocean, lakes, and rivers.

Wind-driven waves, or surface waves, are created by the friction between wind and surface water. The higher the wind speed = The higher the wave height across the ocean.

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) says this on the topic.
Why does the ocean have waves?

High Waves Topple Boats

Because strong wind speeds cause high seas, this makes boating on top of those high seas very dangerous.
The possibility of capsizing increases greater the higher the wave height. This is exactly why your local Florida Keys dive or snorkel operator called you to inform you that high winds cancelled out the option of a boat tour today in Key Largo.

Morning Shore Diving On Windy Days When Boat Tours Cancelled & Afternoon Boat Diving and Snorkeling Once Calmed Down

Sail Fish Scuba offers a fun back up shore diving option on days when wind causes boat tours to be cancelled. Not that it was massively windy out this morning, but the residual seas from yesterdays winds would not have been the best for our Rescue Diver class and group of guided snorkel guests. So, we simply moved stuff around a bit to provide to all the most enjoyed experience we could provide.

This morning we took our newest PADI Rescue Diver class to Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon for dive training after some EFR tune up of skills in the classroom.

During the afternoon boat tour Captain Bill was at the helm of dive boat DEEPER and Captain Chris was first mate. PADI Instructor Jen was guide to our group of certified divers, Inst. Tom taught our newest PADI Referral class open water dives 1 and 2, and Dive Master Tim guided our group of snorkeling guests.
Great time was had by all.

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Daily Florida Keys Weather Report: Key Largo, Florida
Weather Link To Follow

This morning: S. South East 11 to 14 knots at 138 degrees causing 2.5’+seas and by noon it dropped to 172 degrees South 5 knots. This calmed the surface down to a very pleasant 1.0′ to 1.5′ feet seas!

Visibility at the Lagoon Shore Dive
15 – 25 feet viz

Water Temperature
74 F
AIR Temperature
80 F ~ Feels like: 84 F

AM Shore Dives: Jules Undersea Lodge Lagoon
Depth: MIKE: 25 & 22 Feet
Bottom Time: MIKE: 48 & 45 Min
Surface Interval: 11 Minutes

PM Dives : Molasses: Winch Hole & Molasses: Wellwood

Depth: Tom: 29 & 25 Jen: 32 & 24 Feet
Bottom Time: Tom 35 & 41 Jen: 39 Min 46
Surface Interval: 14 Minutes

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14 February 2020

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Why Wind Cancels Boat Tours In Key Largo

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Why Wind Cancels Boat Tours In Key Largo