7 December 2019

Florida Keys Wreck Plus Reef Scuba Diving Is Perfect Combo

A Wreck Plus A Reef Guided Scuba Diving Is The Perfect Combo for a morning tour in Key Largo, Florida Keys.
A diving tour in Key Largo, Florida Keys visiting a shipwreck followed by a lovely reef is as good as surf and turf for dinner.
We planned a fun morning crew trip to Benwood shipwreck and Sand Bottom Caves at French Reef.
We were joined by 3 lovely certified divers and we sure hope we provided to them the most memorable scuba dive tour of their life.
An exceptional time was surely had by all with the excellent conditions provided by Mother Nature.
On the way back to the dock, we spied a huge floating object in the water, so as a Blue Star Operator we recovered it out of the ocean. It turned out to be someone’s boat freezer. We deeply care about our ocean environment and removing this was important to us.

Florida Keys islands are the sub-tropical Caribbean of the USA.

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Thank You Going Out To:

Thanks Captain Chris for being at the helm of Deeper today to take the entire crew out for fun diving!
Owner Jen worked the morning as guide and the rest of the crew explored out-skirting areas of both sites for fun.

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Looking for today’s Key Largo, Florida Keys Reef and Weather Report? Here it is just for you.
Daily Keys Weather Report: Key Largo, Florida
Weather Link To Follow
North 10 degrees 5 – 8 knots
Nearly Flat to .5’ feet seas today
Light to moderate Current
45 – 55 feet viz
Water Temperature
77 F
AIR Temperature
70.5 F & Humid ~ Feels like: 75F today with 54% humidity

AM Dives: French Reef : Sand Bottom Caves & Benwood Shipwreck
Depth: 38′ & 49 Feet
Bottom Time: 39 & 47 Min
Surface Interval: 18 Minutes

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7 December 2019

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Wreck Plus Reef Scuba Diving Is Perfect Combo

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Wreck Plus Reef Scuba Diving Is Perfect Combo