AM Spiegel Grove & Benwood & PM Christ Of The Abyss & Grecian Reef in Key Largo

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Florida Keys Scuba Diving with Sail Fish Scuba

15 August 2018 AM & PM

Spiegel Grove Shipwreck AM

This morning at Spiegel Grove Shipwreck Sporty conditions this morning with SE Winds 15+ knots

Benwood Shipwreck AM

The second site at Benwood Shipwreck Fish filled Benwood Wreck Scuba Diving. Reef around the wreck good for Snorkeling with our in-water-guide Key Largo Specialists.

Christ of the Abyss PM

This afternoon at Christ of the Abyss Sporty seas make this site a challenge but we did our best.

Grecian Rocks PM

The second site at Grecian Rocks Sergeant Major fish filled this site!

Excellent time was had by all scuba divers enjoying the wrecks and reefs of Key Largo, Florida Keys.

The crew at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop strive daily to provide the best possible photo guided Key Largo scuba and snorkeling tours. We sure hope if you joined today you enjoyed the level of customer service we provided. Today was just all around a perfectly pleasant day in the Florida Keys, and we were happy you enjoyed it with us. We give thanks to all the good folks who selected Sail Fish Scuba for their scuba diving and snorkeling Key Largo tours today.

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Reef Report

South East 130 degrees 15 – 17 knots
Choppy 2 – 3 footers all day
Light Current
30 – 50 feet with lots of sandy surge
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Morning Dives

AM Dive 1 SITE : Spiegel Grove Shipwreck

AM Dive 1 SITE : Spiegel Grove
Depth: 109 Feet
Bottom Time: 26 Min
Huge Parrot fish, Great Barracuda and the cool shipwreck!
Surface Interval: 38 Minutes

AM Dive 2 SITE : Benwood Shipwreck

AM Dive 2 SITE : Benwood Shipwreck

Depth:40 Feet
Bottom Time: 46 Min
Queen Conch, Large Snapper, and so many grunts you could lose your dive buddy in the school!

Afternoon Dives

PM Dive 1 SITE : Christ of the Abyss

PM Dive 1 SITE : Christ of the Abyss

Depth: 26 Feet
Bottom Time: 44 Min
Wrasse, Parrot fish, and snapper were seen.
Surface Interval: 21 Minutes

PM Dive 2 SITE : Grecian Rocks

PM Dive 2 SITE : Grecian Rocks

Depth: 28 Feet
Bottom Time: 47 Min
Conch, beautiful purple sea fans, a few pink moon jellyfish.

Your Crew Today

Crew of DEEPER: Captain Chris

First Mate AM/PM:
Crew of DEEPER: First Mate Thorner AM & Thomas PM

Instruction: Inst. Mike (Congrats. to Javier! our newest PADI AOW this morning ) , Inst. Thomas, and Inst. Alex all teaching classes of PADI AOW Deep & Wreck this morning!

Dive Guide: Inst. Thorner

Snorkel Guide: Inst. Mike

Instruction: Instructor Alex & Congrats to Joe! our newest PADI AOW this afternoon.

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15 August 2018
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