Wind has blow out our dives again today, where might we be able to go dive tomorrow if the East winds still blowing?

Barracuda Alley best place if we have East Wind Days. It’s a Great Site for divers and snorkelers.

Barracuda Alley snorkel and dive site in Key Largo, Fl. Keys is our turn to site when we suffer days on end of strong East winds.

What might we get to see at Barracuda Alley site?

Many Great Barracuda don’t like being out on the East side of the reef in the massive surge from the big waves, so they come around in large school and hang out on the West side of this reef, just like we do!

Not only will we get to see large schools of Great Barracuda, but we will also get to see all the lovely reef fish as well. Schools of Blue Tang, Yellow tail snappers, and Bermuda Chubs, and so many other fishes snorkelers and divers alike will have so much fun at this site.


How deep is Barracuda Alley site?

Barracuda alley has areas where snorkelers need be super careful to not bump their bodies into the reef because it gets so very shallow. Our dive guides know the proper route to cut from the 10 to 12 shallows behind the reef through to the East side of this site, which allows the divers to reach a max depth of 24 feet deep. If the divers are good on their air consumption, the guide can lead them down along the East side of the reef to the structure at the far North end of Banana Reef, and then back to the Barracuda Alley mooring site where the boat is tied up.


Besides fish, what else might we see?

Large mounds of corals have giant anemones if you are moving slowly & looking closely for these. Very likely you will see a large collection of many varieties of Conch in the sand at Barracuda Alley site as well. You might also find a few West Indian Sea Eggs while you are looking closely over the reef. Again let me stress, many days when there have been days and days of strong East winds, the viz will be down at this site just like all our Florida Keys reef sites.

Remember getting to do even a bad dive, is always better than a great day at work!

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Barracuda Alley East Wind Days Great Site
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