2 January 2020

5 Star PADI Dive Center In Key Largo, Celebrates Our 8 Year Anniversary Today

PADI Dive Center Sail Fish Scuba, in Key Largo opened 2 January 2012 and celebrated our 8 Year Anniversary today.
We are so happy that you all came and did tours with us over this past 8 years. We have certified thousands of PADI divers over these years and walked many of you the whole way up to Dive Master.
It has been truly a dream come true for owners Christopher and Jennifer Kerr.
Opening this business from scratch with honestly only a hand full of money and hard working determination, has been quite the journey.

What We Did Today

Captain Bill was at the helm of DEEPER all day and DM Tim was first mate.
PADI Instructor Mike guided a return guest family of 5 all day and was joined by 1 single diver for the afternoon.
Instructor Tom guided 2 divers in the morning and guided 2 snorkel guests on the afternoon boat.
PADI Instructor Chris worked with 2 guests at Jules Lagoon in the morning doing a scuba tune-up and guided these 2 plus 4 more on the afternoon boat.
Owner Jen was busy filling tanks, waiting on plenty of walk-in guests, and answering the phone all day.

Florida Keys islands are the sub-tropical Caribbean of the USA.

Dive Key Largo, Pennekamp State Park and the Upper Florida Keys with PADI 5 Star Dive and Snorkel center Sail Fish Scuba! We are located just a short drive from Miami, in the Upper Keys at Mile Marker 103 Bay Side. Our dive shop in Key Largo has everything you’ll need for your diving adventure and if you are joining us for tours, you will get 15% off all items we have for sale on the walls!

We sure hope you enjoy viewing the images from our fun tours in the link below. Photos taken on our tours are always FREE to our guests as our personal gift.
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Looking for today’s Key Largo, Florida Keys Reef and Weather Report? Here it is just for you.
Daily Keys Weather Report: Key Largo, Florida
Weather Link To Follow
East South East 110 degrees 12 – 14 knots
1.5’ to 2.5’ feet seas today
Moderate Current to Strong Current
35 – 45 feet viz due to wind/seas
Water Temperature
74 F
AIR Temperature
81 F & Humid ~ Feels like: 84 F today with 65% humidity

AM Dives: Molasses: Eagle Ray Alley & Aquarium
Depth: Mike: 30’ & 29’ / Tom: 35’ & 29’
Bottom Time: Mike: 41 min & 45 min / Tom: 43 & 38 min
Surface Interval: 18 Minutes

PM Dives: N. North Dry Rocks Reef & Reef

Depth: Chris: 30′ & 25′ / Mike: 31′ & 27′
Bottom Time: Chris: 44 min & 43 min / Mike: 45 min & 45 min.
Surface Interval: 18 Minutes

FREE Guests Photos

Sail Fish Scuba always provides guests with FREE photos of their tours.
2 January 2020

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Dive Center Key Largo 8 Year Anniversary

Where to go for Lunch/Dinner after your tour

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Dive Center Key Largo 8 Year Anniversary