Another of our premiere dive sites is a little spot called North Dry Rocks. As its name implies, it’s North of the Key Largo Dry Rocks dive site. (Very creative, right?) The only thing you can’t see here that you could at Key Largo Dry Rocks is the Christ of the Abyss. When you dive here you’ll see the same insane variety of critters–and minus all the crowding KLDR tends to see. With depths of approximately 15 ft or so, it’s an ideal site. Filtered sunlight and shallow depth makes this a great spot for snorkeling. Divers at this site will be amazed by the slick movements of the minnows that hover around the opening to the cave. Groupers, great barracuda, and nurse sharks are also commonly seen here. Divers who choose to explore crevices will find Florida’s spiny lobster hiding away. Or maybe a curious eel.


With North Dry Rocks having only 3 mooring balls, it is a smaller reef. But don’t let that discourage you! This means the site won’t be overwhelmed with divers and snorkelers. Which leaves all the critters for you!

The best spot on this reef is called Minnow Caves. When you splash in at this spot you’ll be close to a long swimthrough. Aptly named the Minnow Cave, because during early summer you can’t see the entrance for all the minnows! A slow swim speed will let the minnows surround you as you make your way quietly through the tunnel.



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Dive Site Spotlight: North Dry Rocks