Why Not to Spearfish

Many folks walk in our dive shop everyday and ask about Spearfishing. We explain why not to go.

First have a look at this actual video shot in the Florida Keys by actual guys spearfishing.

Shark attacks are totally real if you are spearfishing.

Sharks feel the vibrations of the gun and the injured fish and will come in so fast you never see them coming to get a free meal.

The shark may take a nibble out of you too while in the area if you have touched the bloody dying fish you just killed.

Google images spearfishing

If you google images of spearfishing basically every other image will be of persons manhandling the living coral reef.

Sadly the majority of the folks going do not have a care for the well being of the living coral reef at all. They just use it like it’s simple plain rocks which are fine to lay on. I’ve seen many times these men and women using elk horn corals to rest their guns on, and hold onto it to hold themselves in place.

Injuring and killing the living corals is not cool. Please respect the reef.

Spearfishing living coral reef
Spearfishing and holding onto the living coral reef

Know where it is legal to go spearfishing

Did you know it is not legal to go spearfishing in Key Largo, Florida Keys on our reef system?


Where to go spearfishing in the Florida Keys when freediving

Spearfishing living coral reef
Spearfishing and holding onto the living coral reef

Take fish only with images on cameras

We strongly believe it is better to only capture fish on images taken by our cameras. Our photo guides do an excellent job educating our guests about the fish they see. The guides then capture images of these fish and the guests go home with a free set of images that were taken.


Certified scuba diver, join for a tour!

Scuba Diving

It is far better to get your fish dinner at any one of our excellent restaurants here in the Florida Keys.




Why Not To Spearfish
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