Florida Keys islands are the sub-tropical Caribbean of the USA.

How many islands are in the Florida Keys? Do you know the answer right off the top of your head?

Have you ever wondered how many small islands make up the Florida Keys and why are they called Keys?

If you had to guess what would you say?


Interesting Question

A little boy walks into the dive shop just now, walks right up to owner Jen and asks: “How many islands make the up the Florida Keys?”

Jen answered, “I don’t know but let’s ask Google!”
So here is what we all just learned: Approx. 1,700 islands!



Approximately 1,700 islands make up the Florida Keys. This archipelago extends over 198 square miles from the Soldier Keys to the Dry Tortugas.


Today the total land area of the Florida Keys is 137.3 square miles (356 sq km) and in total there are over 1700 islands in the archipelago.

However, very few of these are populated and most are very small. Only 43 of the islands are connected via bridges. In total there are 42 bridges connecting the islands but the Seven Mile Bridge is still the longest.

Islands of Fl. Keys fun facts

Fact #1

Florida Keys they are divided into several different groups.

These groups are the Upper Keys, the Middle Keys, the Lower Keys and the Outlying Islands.

Upper Keys are those located the farthest north and closest to Florida’s mainland and the groups extend out from there.

The city of Key West is located in the Lower Keys.

Fact #2

The Outer Keys consist of islands that are accessible by boat.

Fact #3

Beginning in the late 1970s construction began on a new bridge to connect the Florida Keys.

This bridge is known today as the Seven Mile Bridge and it connects Knights Key in the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower.

In March 2008, however, this bridge was closed to traffic as it was deemed unsafe and construction later began on a new bridge.

Fact #4

Throughout much of their modern history, the Florida Keys have been an important area for drug smugglers and illegal immigration.

As a result, these problems the U.S. Border Patrol began a series of roadblocks on the bridge from the keys to search cars returning to Florida’s mainland for illegal drugs and immigrants in 1982.

This roadblock later began to hurt the economy of the Florida Keys as it delayed tourists going to and from the islands.

Because of the resultant economic struggles the mayor of Key West, Dennis Wardlow, declared the city as independent and renamed it the Conch Republic on April 23, 1982.

The city’s secession lasted only a short time however and Wardlow eventually surrendered. Key West also still remains a part of the U.S

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How many islands are in the Florida Keys?

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How many islands are in the Florida Keys?