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The snorkeling and diving afternoon trip yesterday at the World Famous Elbow Reef 6 miles off the North End of the island of Key Largo, Fl. Keys. We visited 2 sites, first a shipwreck and then a wreck and reef site. We were all so excited to get to see a Goliath Groupers and a lot of huge Great Barracudas. Additionally we saw Blue Parrotfish, Hogfish, Tiger Groupers, Rock hind, every variety of Hamlets, Bigeye, Glasseye Snapper, Scrawled Filefish, schools of Sergeant Majors and so many more fish we just can’t name them all here.

Key Largo Diving has to be truly some of the best in the entire World, because today getting to see so many amazing fish, and healthy corals, plus shipwrecks was nothing short of stellar! The Florida Keys is so diverse with what you get to see while scuba diving and snorkeling, it is no wonder it has been known as The Diving Capital of the World for many years now. Some of the little stuff we got to see today was Blennies and Butterfly fish as well as a few Gobies who were living on the Brain Coral heads and the variety of corals never let us down with each dive. Scuba diving Key Largo and Snorkeling Key Largo just makes folks smile, and we love getting to capture those underwater smiling faces each day.

Site / Reef Report

The City of Washington shipwreck followed by Trainwheels wreck and reef site were our 2 locations we visited at the Elbow Reef during this trip.

Mother Nature handed us only a gentle 10 knot winds which made the seas stay right at a steady 1 foot, with very few 1.5′ to 2′ rollers every now and then.  This gave us viz. in the range of  70′ to 150′, and there just was no current or surge to contend with at all making it just a perfect day for snorkeling and scuba diving in Key Largo, Fl. Keys.

The water temp. we got on our dive computers today was  80F during both dives, so perfect for everyone diving in a 2.5mm shorty wetsuit and not too cold for all those who joined us today from Boston who opted for only wearing a swimsuit, or just one of Sail Fish Scuba dive shop rental rashguard tops. The sun stayed out to keep us warm and comfortable topside on the boat and the air temp stayed 74F all afternoon.

The guides treated our guests by taking a combined total of  222 photos during the 2 location afternoon tour and we sure wish we could share them all, but that’s just over the top, so here are the 15 or so best ones to highlight the tour!

We also ran an afternoon Mangrove Jungle Kayaking & Snorkeling tour.

Owner/PADI Inst./Kayaking guide Chris Kerr took out our sold out afternoon kayaking Key Largo, Mangrove Jungle tour this afternoon while everyone else was out on DEEPER dive/snorkel boat.

This group of kayaking/snorkeling guests was actually return guests for this same tour, as they had had so much fun this spring doing the tour with PADI Divemaster guide Billy they had to see what it was like doing it in the fall! Guide Chris treated them to a different route around the mangroves of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and found some very interesting places for them to enter the water and snorkel the coral reef’s nursery.

Their kayaking and snorkeling Key Largo mangroves tour lasted just over 3 hours, and being the creative photographer guide Chris is, he took just shy of 100 photos for them to go home with for free in with their tour rate. We will share a few of those amazing photos here for you to see what this tour look like.

Key Largo Weather REPORT

Looking for today’s Key Largo, Florida Keys Reef and Weather Report? Here it is just for you.
Daily Keys Weather Report: Key Largo, Florida
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Elbow Reef Afternoon Diving South Florida

Elbow Reef Afternoon Diving South Florida
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