Hurricane IRMA September 2017

Hurricanes are nothing new to the Florida Keys.

Irma was not a shocking surprise as she formed off the coast of Africa.

She seemed like many storms that form and then just disappear off into the Atlantic Ocean.

Sadly to all tourists and business owners, hurricane IRMA announced her arrival just as labor day 2017 was coming to an end.

Hurricane IRMA traffic leaving Key Largo
Hurricane IRMA traffic leaving Key Largo


Once hurricane Irma seemed to be making her way towards the Florida Keys tourists were advised to leave.

Images of Hurricane Irma

Florida Keys business owners began the process to board up their store fronts.

Many businesses with boats began to secure their boats.

Safe harbor is few and far between. Securing your spot early is important.

Hurricane Irma South Florida
Hurricane Irma South Florida

Storm Surge and Flooding

Hurricanes bring the possibility of strong storm surge and possibly flooding. This is a huge concern for Florida Keys business owners.

The highest point above sea level in Key Largo is thirty four feet. Most businesses are only six to ten feet above sea level.

Massive amounts of rainfall are expected.

Flooding is likely.

Weather forecasts are calling for up to 20 foot storm surge.

Waterfront businesses try hard to protect their property.

Protecting Property during Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma boarded up businesses
Hurricane Irma boarded up businesses

Business owners must work early to board up their property.

Sand bags get placed around the bottom of doors.

This is an attempt to prevent flood waters from entering the buildings.

Caribbean Club Bar will remain open for the hurricane party.

Caribbean Club Key Largo Hurricane Irma Party
Caribbean Club in Key Largo remains open to host the Hurricane Irma Party.

NOAA Storm Tracking


After The Storm

We hope to be putting the dive shop and island back together quickly after the storm.

We plan to remain closed only until the sixth of October.

If all goes well we will be back up and running better than ever after this date.

Check out all the tours we have to offer until then and make plans to come join us post hurricane season.

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Hurricane IRMA
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