AM Amoray Boat Crew Took All Shops Guides/Guests & PM Silent World Boat Crew Took All Shops Guides/Guests in Key Largo

Key Largo Dive Shops Working Together To Save The Planet

Florida Keys Scuba Diving with Sail Fish Scuba

Key Largo Dive Operators Working Together Today. Saving the environment running one dive boat with all shops guests and crew together.
15 December 2018 AM & PM

North Star Site at Molasses Reef AM

This morning at N. Star many fish and lovely corals were seen. In a combined effort the North Key Largo Dive Shop Operators are joined together to combine all our guests and guides onto 1 boat for each tour. This way less stress is put on our fragile ECO-environment. Less boats all running fuels and less wake on the mangroves. In this the slow off season it only makes economic sense for all to work together this way.
We say, don’t compete ~ Join together & Save!

Winch Hole Site at Molasses Reef AM

The second site at Winch Hole we very much enjoyed the many blue tang and colorful parrot fish all around us. Key Largo Dive Operators Working Together shows tourists that we are not here to compete for making money, we are here working together to keep our coral reefs healthy.

City of Washington Shipwreck at Elbow Reef PM

This afternoon at City of Washington Shipwreck Inst. Mike guided Sail Fish Scuba diver guest Naomi on her Birthday Present to herself around this historical old shipwreck. Many large Groupers and colorful Parrot fish were seen. The group searched the shipwreck looking for Moray eels but they were hiding too good for us today. While searching Inst. Mike found a sea turtle and got some fun photos of our divers beside the turtle. The divers did enjoy seeing schools of feeding Blue Tang fish scurrying along the wreck.
Key Largo Dive Operators Working Together Building Great Community Relations.

The Sand Highway at Elbow Reef PM

The second site at Sand Highway was just filled with large Groupers everywhere the divers looked today. Some of the other cool colorful fish seen were Hamlet and Butterfly fish. The amazing corals at this site are such a delight.
Massive barrier reef covered in purple sea fans can only been seen here in the Key Largo area of the Florida Keys.
Dive guide Mike pointed out some Social Feather Duster Worms and Christmas Tree Worms during both dives.
When looking closely at the living coral reef you can spot a Long-spined urchin or two. These nearly all died in our area a few years back but they have recently made a nice comeback.

Key Largo Dive Operators Working Together

Excellent time was had by all scuba divers enjoying the wrecks and reefs of Key Largo, Florida Keys.
Since the dives today were inside the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuaries and no taking of lobster is permitted, we were able to see many Spiney Lobsters.

The crew at Sail Fish Scuba dive shop strive daily to provide the best possible photo guided Key Largo scuba and snorkeling tours. We sure hope if you joined today you enjoyed the level of customer service we provided. Today was just all around a perfectly pleasant day in the Florida Keys, and we were happy you enjoyed it with us. We give thanks to all the good folks who selected Sail Fish Scuba for their scuba diving and snorkeling Key Largo tours today. Key Largo Dive Operators Working Together

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Reef Report

Morning was South South West 220 6 knots and then wind changed to North West and picked up to 16 knots.
The morning started out nearly Flat, Winds changed & it picked up to 2.0 to 3.0 feet seas balance of the day.
Light Current
60 – 70 feet
Water Temperature

Dive Profiles

Morning Dives

AM Dive 1 SITE : North Star at Molasses

AM Dive 1 SITE : North Star
Depth: 30 Feet
Bottom Time: 51 Min
Nurse sharks and Reef Sharks!
Surface Interval: 22 Minutes

AM Dive 2 SITE : Winch Hole at Molasses

AM Dive 2 SITE : Winch Hole

Depth: 29 Feet
Bottom Time: 45 Min
Reef sharks and many tropical parrot fish.

Afternoon Dives

PM Dive 1 SITE : City of Washington

PM Dive 1 SITE : COW

Depth: 31 Feet
Bottom Time: 55 Min
Many Grouper on cool shipwreck
Surface Interval: 14 Minutes

PM Dive 2 SITE : Sand Highway at Elbow Reef

PM Dive 2 SITE : Sand Hwy.

Depth: 32 Feet
Bottom Time: 63 Min
Many large Grouper and some butterfly fish.

Your Crew Today

Crew of Amoray AM & Silent World PM

Dive Guide: Inst. Thomas

Dive Guide: Inst. Mike

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15 December 2018
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Key Largo Dive Operators Working Together