Key Largo Sea Stars can be seen in Key Largo, Florida Keys

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Key Largo Sea Stars Also Commonly Known Starfish

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Key Largo Sea Stars

Star Fish Sightings

Starfish are a common sight for many new divers at Key Largo Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Sites and are easy to identify.
Some species are rather large and some are so tiny it’s hard to spot them. Snorkeler and scuba divers get excited to find them on the bottom of the ocean.
Diver and snorkeler guests can spend a whole dive looking for starfish.

Varieties of Sea Stars in Florida

Florida is home to many of the starfish around. From sea stars to basket stars to brittle stars, one can spend an entire dive searching for different varieties as you go. The stereotypical “starfish” many people think of is called the cushion sea star.

The cushion star is an omnivore and feeds on the seabed.
Other popular species are types of brittle stars.

Star Fish What and Where to look

Brittle Stars are more often well hidden and much smaller.
They are a treat to find while diving.
The most common ones here in Key Largo can be found hiding under dead rocks or wrapped around sponges.
But don’t think you’ll just swim by and suddenly see them!
Since they are small and well hidden,it takes sometime to find them so look closely.
Once one is spotted it’s best to dial in your buoyancy to get close for that perfect photo.

Do Not Touch Star Fish

It’s important to know to please not touch these guys.
They are called brittle stars for a reason!
And their arms can easily break if you try to grab one for a photo.
Humans should never really touch the wildlife as some are certainly more fragile than others.

Speed of Star Fish

While the large sea stars seem to move slowly, the small brittle stars can practically run.
When moving any rock on the ocean floor be careful they’re probably under it and you could injure them. If scared see them scamper away in the sand or under another rock way faster than you’d expect.
These are timid creatures and like their privacy.

Daily Reef Report

check the link below daily for local conditions
On the link below go to Hawk Channel section
Water Temperature
In the link below it will show you actual daily water temp.

Key Largo Sea Stars Also Commonly Known Starfish
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