The Decorator crab – a new level of camouflage.
Ocean Decorator Crab Camouflage

Hard to find during the day and not super easy to find at night on all sites visited in Key Largo, Florida Keys

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Sail Fish Scuba includes excellent dive guides on Night dive tours at no additional fee. These guides help guests locate the Ocean Decorator Crab Camouflage Master Critters

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Ocean Decorator Crab Camouflage

Crab Camouflage

When night diving at Key Largo dive sites with Sail Fish Scuba dive guides we are always searching for the amazing Ocean Decorator Crab who is one of the Camouflage Master Critters.

Most underwater camouflage involves body colors and shapes.

Decorator crabs have mastered the art of camouflage and do so by attaching other organisms or materials to their body to hide from predators.

From funny “hats” to pink girly dresses they always seem to find a way to entertain divers.
Pretty sure that was not was nature had in mind by giving then the ability to decorate their bodies with stuff.

What’s the purpose?

While the decoration is often used to camouflage in the environment to avoid being seen by predators, some crabs decorate themselves with things that are unpleasant for its predators. This can either be toxic, stinging, or a material that makes them taste funny.

Most of these crabs are nocturnal and will be sitting still somewhere during the day not being seen thanks to their camouflage. At sundown they start to move around to feed. This is the reason why the best time to observe them is during night dives.
So as to not scare them away it is recommendable to use red light while watching them.

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Ocean Decorator Crab Camouflage Master Critters
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