The species known as snappers belong to the Lutjanidae family of marine fishes which includes about 113 different species. These fish can grow up to 3.3 feet in length and they tend to travel in very large schools. The mangrove snapper is a common reef fish for all our divers and snorkelers. Often found in the mangroves (hence it’s name) all the way to nearly 600 ft deep!  You won’t typically find them that deep though. Often less than 160 ft. Enjoyed as a scenic fish on dives, they are also a favorite of anglers. Most live in rocky or coral reefs. These fish prefer tropical temperatures in the 72°F to 82°F range.

Because snappers are a schooling fish, their breeding habits are somewhat unique. These fish tend to spawn in very large groups, releasing large quantities of eggs and sperm into the water all at once. Snappers tend to spawn several times throughout the season during the autumn and winter months.

Mangrove Snapper