One of our many local wrecks is the USCG Bibb.

The USS Bibb wreck is a former Coast Guard ship built in 1937. She served in patrols and as a convoy escort during World War II and took part in the invasion of Okinawa. The 327-foot vessel had a beam of 41 feet and drew 13 feet of water.

Making of a Dive Site

In 1987, the USCG Bibb and another cutter, the Duane, were stripped and prepared for sinking. The Bibb was purchased along with her sister ship the Duane for $160,000. The money was raised by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council as well as local dive shop donations. Stripped of her armament, her hatches and her main mast were removed. The ships were cleaned and sunk at an Army Corps of Engineers approved location one day apart near Molasses Reef. She was sunk on November 28, 1987, and the two vessels now rest only 100 yards apart.

The Bibb rests on her starboard side in 130 feet of water. You can reach the port railing can be reached at 95 feet. However, penetration is not recommend as there are many possible entanglements and obstructions, and often extremely strong currents. Just as the Duane, she often has exceptionally nice visibility (due to the nearby gulfstream) but that comes at the price of the strong currents.

For an AOW dive, the Bibb is not to be missed. Considered one of many beautiful wrecks, she’s a treat to visit on a deep dive or part of an advanced open water class. If you want to give it a dive, give us a call at 305-453-3446! So let one of our experienced guides show you all the sights!