Post Hurricane Irma Florida

Everyone wants to know the status of the reef a year after Hurricane Irma passed over us.

Post Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key Largo Reef Report

Since many wanted to know how the fish life and reef have been doing post hurricane Irma we took time to show you.

We set out to see ourselves. Here we share what we have seen and found.

Reef Report: 2 foot seas, 30 – 35 foot viz, 82F/28C water temp.

The conditions are improving daily.

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Post hurricane Irma we finally got to run a few tours to check on the Florida Keys reef.

What a wonderful morning we had with our boat load of divers at Molasses Reef!

Capt Chris/Capt Matt/DM Klayton/ PADI Inst. Holly & Inst. David showed the best time to all today!

New Reef Photo Challenge

Crew advised me they have challenged each other now to “the Photo of the Day” contest!

I ( Owner Jen) don’t get told who’s camera is who’s.

I just have to pick the best photo and then they pay out to each other their bets.

The winner

I picked the moon jellyfish taken by DM Klayton.

He won today!

Good Job Klayton on getting the wonderful photo seen here of the moon jellyfish.

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19 January 2019

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Best sites to visit post Hurricane Irma

We have found out that right now the best sites to visit are Molasses Reef and Elbow Reef.

Post Hurricane Irma

The best sites to dive and snorkel at List of Best Sites here for guests to view and pick their favorites.

There are some new shipwreck pieces at this dive site since hurricane Irma.

The corals have taken some damage for certain.

We feel strongly they will regrow.

Fish life has certainly not been changed by the storm.

Everyone was happy to see there are still plenty of sharks at Molasses Reef.

The State park will remain closed until the first day of November 2017.

Here is drone video shot right after hurricane Irma.

Bahia Honda State Park

Southern islands state parks did not fair as well.

Here is video of Bahia Honda State Park.

Before and After Hurricane Irma

The Florida Keys will be re-built. It may take us some time, but know we will be back!



Post Hurricane Irma Florida Keys Key Largo Reef Report