First Dives Post Hurricane Irma

First scuba dive Key Largo Post Hurricane Irma
First scuba dive Key Largo Post Hurricane Irma

When it happened

On October 7, 2017 we took our first dive trip out the Molasses reef post Hurricane Irma.

Good time was had by all out at Molasses Reef.

Checking on reef damage.

What we saw

Yes, viz. is still only 20-ish foot & yes, some corals are broken ~ but we are #KeysStrong & it will soon all grow back more beautiful than ever!

Thank you

Thanks to all our guest who joined us for diving & snorkeling this morning and afternoon.

It felt great to run a nearly Sold-Out afternoon tour on our first day back open Post #HurricaneIRMA

Our Crew

Capt Chris/Capt Dave/Dive guide Glenn/Snorkel guide Klayton/Inst. David & Inst. Holly all did a wonderful job this afternoon with all the guests!

Reef Report

Reef Report 2′ choppy seas/20’viz/82F~28C water temp. and yes the Moon Jellyfish are back now.

Reef Damage

First dives post hurricane Irma
First dives post hurricane Irma

We hope to explore many more of the Key Largo dive sites this coming week.

We will post photos from all the sites post hurricane Irma.

Reef damage post hurricane Irma Key Largo
Florida Keys reef damage post hurricane Irma. Key Largo Molasses Reef.


First Trip Post Hurricane Irma
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