Snorkeling Key Largo

The fact that the Keys are fantastic destinations for snorkeling or diving on lots of coral reef should come as no surprise. So many of our islands are made out of (fossilized) coral, after all! Snorkeling Key Largo has so much to offer–Multitudes of species of tropical fish and other marine life are available on our coral reefs and wrecks for your viewing pleasure. Surrounded by mangroves, access to snorkeling is really only done by boat as we don’t have many beaches. And in the Keys the majority of the dive/snorkel sites off shore are full of buoys for the local boats to tie off to.

What’s that mean for you? A beautiful, leisurely, boat ride out to our amazing reefs! And since so many of our reefs are part of the marine sanctuary, they stay beautiful and pristine for you to see! That means no fishing, collecting, lobstering in the areas–leaving all those creatures around for you to view.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Surprisingly, you don’t! Non-swimmers and first timers for snorkeling can have an amazing experience. Here at Sail Fish Scuba we pride ourselves on helping EVERYONE enjoy the wonders of the living coral reef. Our guides are familiar with the area, and here to help. If you don’t know how to swim or have never snorkeled it’s no problem at all. You just need to book your own private guide and let them teach you the ways of the ocean. Your guide will instruct you on the basics of snorkeling and show you how it’s done!

And for our non-swimmers out there, they will act as your personal tour guide around the reef! We provide you with lots of different flotation options, and the guide will help teach you the basics you need to enjoy snorkeling and see the reef. How do you do it? You just need to call us here at Sail Fish Scuba and let us alleviate your fears. So if you’ve ever been told “no” just because you couldn’t swim, give us a call! Afterwards, you’ll even be provided with a DVD or dropbox link to pictures–at no additional charge! While snorkeling our guides in water will be busy taking photos of you and all the critters running around on the reef. No doubt you’ll end up with the perfect photo for facebook or your social media of choice to prove you were there.

What will I see snorkeling Key Largo?

Everything! No, really. We have hundreds upon hundreds of species of tropical fish, turtles, sharks and nearly anything you can think of here on our reefs! And there are plenty of reef sites around to have a variety of snorkeling adventures. For instance you can visit famous Molasses Reef, Christ of the Abyss, French Reef, Grecian Dry Rocks, and Horseshoe Reef just to name a few. And you can even snorkel wrecks like City of Washington and Hannah M. Bell. So how many people can say they’ve snorkeled a real wreck? But call soon! Our tours are popular and fill up quickly.

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Snorkeling Key Largo-Even if you can’t swim!
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