When Visiting South Florida Key Largo sightings of Common Squid and Information about sites visited today in Key Largo, Florida Keys

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South Florida Key Largo Common Squid Information

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Common Squid Information

South Florida Key Largo Common Squid Information

Sightings of common squid at Key Largo Dive Sites Squid are seen by many divers and snorkelers while enjoying the waters off the Florida Keys.

Common squid of South Florida

These little creatures put on quite a show of colors if you get the chance to swim quietly near one.

Common squid have a tubular body with a small internal skeleton. They have very large eyes compared to their body size. The body length is normally between two inches up to six inches.

Entire length of the body tends to be of oblong shape. Squid body bordered by a thin fin which forms a point at the rear.

Common squid have the colors from bluish gray to brown with white spots on back and can change to appear motted and spotted in shades of white, brown, green, and even lavender. They appear iridescent and shimmering.

Squid arms are shorter than the body.

Squid behavior

They inhabit the shallow reef waters of South Florida. Sometime called Caribbean Reef Squid.

Squid are wary of humans, and generally retreat slowly away when approached. If startled or approached rapidly they will jet away leaving you no chance to keep up with them.

They are very much attracted to light at night, so if you are snorkeling or scuba diving at night they may come very close to your dive light.

If common squid feel threatened they will often spread open their arms in a defensive pose.


Common squid are often seen when snorkeling at the following dive/snorkel sites in the Florida Keys.

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South Florida Key Largo Common Squid Information
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