Huge Shipwreck in Key Largo, Florida

The USS Spiegel Grove Shipwreck located in Key Largo, Florida Keys is the largest of all the wrecks in our area.

USS Spiegel Grove for a period of a few years held the title of “The World Largest Diving Shipwreck”.

The Sinking

Spiegel Grove was moved from Virginia to Florida in May 2002 and total preparation plus reefing cost was $1 million.

During sinking the ship suddenly started rolling to her starboard side, forcing workers to abandon ship – and their equipment.

Sinking several hours ahead of schedule, ending up upside-down on the sea bottom and leaving her bow protruding slightly out of the ocean and her stern resting on the ocean floor.

Expensive Problem

It cost an additional $250,000 dollars to roll the ship onto her starboard side.

26 June 2002 the wreck was finally opened to recreational divers.

There were 50,000 dives a year done on the ship during just the first two years.

Mother Nature Righted the Wreck

July 2005, Hurricane Dennis shifted the former USS Spiegel Grove onto her keel during the hurricane.

Once upright the top deck now sits just above 60 feet deep.

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Spiegel Grove Shipweck, Key Largo, Florida Keys, Florida </h2

Spiegel Grove Shipweck, Key Largo, Florida Keys, Florida
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