Things to do when visiting Key Largo

There are many things to do when visiting Key Largo, as long as you are not looking for a huge shopping mall or Walmart.

Most of the things to do when visiting Key Largo are outdoor activities. And most of these do involve being on, in or near the water. If you don’t like the outdoors you probably are not going to enjoy a visit to Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Scuba Diving

When looking at things to do in Key Largo, Florida Keys, one of the first things that anyone mentions is going SCUBA diving. This is the number one thing to do in Key Largo.

Key Largo, Florida Keys is known as the diving capital of the World. And for good reason.

The scuba diving in Key Largo is super easy diving for the most part, making it perfect for those wanting to earn their entry level certification or those who have been diving for many years alike.

If you have always wanted to earn your PADI Open Water Diver certification it is super easy now a days. Follow this link to sign up and pay for your entire virtual classroom and manual learning that you can do anytime before your visit to Key Largo.

Once here in Key Largo Sail Fish Scuba 5 Star Dive shop will have you complete confined water training and the 4 required open water training dives over just two fun filled days for only $415.00

To sign up for your (water portions) PADI course, follow this link.

Already certified divers will need to return year after year to explore all the sites Key Largo area has to dive. There are hundreds of shallow reef sites, deep reef sites, shallow shipwrecks, and deep shipwrecks.

Dive sites Key Largo

Recently Sail Fish Scuba dive shop started a divers club called Key Largo Diving Club, so if you are a certified diver and are interested in helping explore uncharted waters to find new and exciting dive sites to add to the maps of Key Largo, join here.

Diving Key Largo


Snorkeling Tours

Another thing to do when visiting Key Largo, Florida Keys is a snorkeling tour.

There are boat snorkeling tours to go out and see the living coral reef.

Only Sail Fish Scuba offers an in water guided snorkeling tour. And not only is it guided, but we take photos during the tour and guests go home with a free set of these fun photos.

Photo guided snorkeling tour with Sail Fish Scuba

Everyone else just take guests out to the reef and tell them go ahead and get in the water, look around and when you hear the whistle blow, come back to the boat the tour is over. This is fine if you are an excellent swimmer and snorkeler, however this is not good for first timers.

To sign up for a guided snorkeling tour is super easy, just follow this link.

Snorkeling Christ of the Abyss

The most popular snorkeling tour is a visit to the famous Christ of the Abyss site.

Scuba and Snorkel site Christ of the Abyss


Key Largo Mangrove Jungle Snorkeling Tours

If you want to see the Nursery for the living coral reef, you will need sign up with Sail Fish Scuba for a kayaking and snorkeling the mangrove jungle tour.

Fish come into the protected shallows of the Mangrove Jungle to leave their eggs to hatch. Once these babies are big and strong enough they make their way out to the living coral reef.

However some seem to like it here so much, they never leave, and these you get to see when you snorkel this area.

If you are not a swimmer, or not a strong swimmer, this is the  perfect tour to sign up for to learn how to snorkel as most places you can put your feet down on the bottom if you feel uneasy.

Snorkeling the mangrove jungle during a kayaking tour with Sail Fish Scuba.


Kayaking in Key Largo

Kayaking is one of the other popular things to do in Key Largo, Florida Keys.

Sail Fish Scuba is one of the only shops to offer a guided kayaking tour of the maze of Mangrove trees. There are many shops who just help you load one of their rental kayaks onto the roof of your car, give you a map of the island and a return kayak time for the day. It depends on what you are looking for.

Key Largo is loaded with places to kayak and explore. You could spend a full week just kayaking each day from sunrise to sunset and not nearly be able to see even half of the locations you can reach from shore.

There are many other things to do when visiting Key Largo, Florida Keys so just get here, put on a swim suit, shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops and have some fun!


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