Spotted Scorpion Fish

Spotted Scorpion Fish tend to blend right into their surroundings. To see one you will need look very closely.

As masters of camouflage, the Spotted Scorpion Fish is unique in it’s ability to hide in plain sight.

These fish sit very still. They wait for their prey to swim right beside them never even seeing their attacker.

Spotted Scorpion fish masters camouflage
Spotted Scorpion fish are masters of camouflage


Size of Spotted Scorpion Fish

Generally the Spotted Scorpion fish is between seven inches to fourteen inches long. Max recorded measured was just over eighteen inches long.


While scuba diving in the Florida Keys you mainly find these fish in depths of five to fifty feet deep.

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys is a great place to see these fish. We have seen them at just about every single dive site we visit.

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As these fish are very passive in nature, it’s odd to mention how dangerous they are. However, if a human accidentally touched or stepped on one the wounds from its spines cause serious infections. Not to mention the extreme pain that is caused when stung by one. Seek medical help immediately if you ever come in direct contact with one of these shy fish.

Official Name

Official name of the Spotted Scorpion fish is Scorpaena Plumieri.

Family Group

Spotted Scorpion Fish family group is called Scorpionfishs Scorpaenidae.

Reaction To Divers

Apparently relying on camouflage they allow divers to get extremely close. They will not often move unless molested by the diver. It is never a good idea to poke or try to touch one of these fish as they can inflict painful puncture wounds. Their venomous spines of foredorsal fin can cause severe pain and illness. Look and take great photos, but do not touch!

As many divers get to see these amazing fish, they do tend to be popular conversation in many articles about the Florida Keys.

Aghhh!! Scorpion! Scorpion in the Sea!



Spotted Scorpion Fish